Top 10 Things You Have to Know About Tooth Extraction

In dentistry, tooth extraction is defined as the surgical removal of the tooth from its socket. This is done by a dental professional with the use of sterile dental equipment. The term “pulling of teeth” is often used to describe a difficult situation. Having your tooth extracted is important to prevent the onset of more serious complications.

There are certain things you have to know before you undergo a dental procedure like tooth extraction. This may seem to be a dreaded experience but there is many ways to make it a pleasant one. It is essential to be equipped with the right knowledge and attitude before un decide to undergo any dental procedure.

1. Your dental condition should be thoroughly assessed by your dentist. It is important to check with your dentist regularly to see if there is any existing problem. With this alone, other related complications will be prevented. All the details about tooth extraction will be discussed to you by your dentist.

2. If you are taking blood thinners like aspirin regularly, it is vital to discuss this with your dentist. You should not take this medicine for few days to prevent bleeding problems before and after the procedure.

3. A good night rest is recommended the night prior to tooth extraction. You have to be physically prepared for the schedule of your dental extraction.

4. Alcoholic beverages should be restricted before and after the dental surgery. Alcohol interferes with the absorption of anesthetic agents. You should stop drinking any alcoholic drinks for few days if you do not want to experience any trouble in tolerating pain during the procedure.

5. There are times when the local anesthesia is not enough, your dentist will use general anesthetic agents or light sedation for you not to endure the pain during the procedure. It is important to have somebody to drive for you. Plans for somebody to accompany and assist the patient should be made.

6. You should wear loose and comfortable clothing. Your comfort is vital for the success of the treatment.

7. After the tooth has been extracted, bite firmly the gauze pack over the surgical area for at least 30 minutes to prevent bleeding.

8. Never spit nor use a straw for drinking since it will promote further bleeding.

9. As soon as the effects of the anesthesia wear off, you can start taking the prescribed pain medications. Make sure to follow all the post operative instructions given by your Staten Island dentist to prevent any complications.

10. Go back to your scheduled appointment with your dentist so that he can evaluate your condition. Your dentist will be more than willing to discuss all the possible alternatives to replace the extracted tooth. Everything is now possible with cosmetic dentistry.