Our ambitious society today has grown to expect people to have beautiful smiles. Whether we need a boost in our self-esteem, are searching for the perfect partner, corporate relationship, or are trying to land our dream job – having a beautiful smile can play a huge role. Our available techniques today make this possible for practically everyone.

The perfect smile design solution

Our method for providing a perfect smile is for everyone depending on their situation and their aspired outcome. For some, it might mean a little tooth reshaping and a whitening treatment. While for others it may require a crown, bonding, orthodontics, gum reshaping, veneers, or even a full mouth reconstruction. What is most interesting for you is that with our 15 years of experience and has the creation of thousands of elegant smiles, we can make your dreams become a reality.


Beginning, patients who wish to participate in a smile design consultation before going through the smile design process.

In consultation, discuss patient goals, potential therapies, and general costs. Where the dentist feels that the patient is the right candidate for progressing in the treatment phase, the dentist will outline the smile design method.

The smile design process is designed to analyze the patient’s facial structure, including the shape and position of the lips, cheekbones, pa, and teeth.

The purpose of the smile design process is to ensure that when the face is both relaxed and moving, it looks as natural as possible.

The smile design process can include:

  • Digital X-rays from different angles
  • Take a digital scan of the upper and lower teeth
  • High definition video footage and photography of smiling faces with ease
  • These so-called ‘before’ images allow the patient to visually compare the results of the smile design process with the current appearance (while relaxing or smiling).

The patient is invited to share any thoughts about the comparison between the before and after images.

It may include noting any choices on the shape, condition, and color of the tooth, and the result meets the patient’s expectations of the smile design process.

Relationship of Building Dream Smile

“Society today has become to expect people to have a beautiful smile.”

We like to use the relationship of building your dream home because it is so related to the actions we take in creating your new smile. We never would you start making until you were sure that you had a great reason. Thus, when designing a smile, we begin with a blueprint, and we need to be completely confident in our foundation.

People Expect a Beautiful Smile at Every Profession

Our process begins the discussion to find out what your goals are and then collecting data to work up options available.

We will complete a thorough examination, gather x-rays, photographs, and make plaster models to begin our process. Get a New Smile and Restored Confidence.

Our experts have several years of expertise and training in cosmetic dentistry. With their tastes for beauty and fully trained hands, they can help your smile give its full potential. We also serve with some of the best cosmetic dental labs in the world to ensure that each crown, veneer, and Invisalign aligner is up to par and ideal for your smile.

Bridges, Crowns, and Veneers

It’s common among patients to get quite confused about what these terms mean. Veneers are like crowns, except they are for cosmetic purposes, and are placed on the front surfaces of the teeth only, whereas ahead will completely encapsulate the teeth.


Veneers are made of porcelain only, and so they are the most aesthetic. While surfaces allow your teeth to appear a lot better, the crowns give them more stability and durability.

Veneers are not as durable as crowns, and as they are cosmetic, they are only for the front 8 or 10 teeth on each arch. We use the e.max veneers, which are considered to be the strongest among the types of surfaces in the market. They are also less prone to chipping.


As for the crowns, we offer more options. The PFM is a combination of a metal cap, that has porcelain fused to the outside. The metal is given a lot of strength, while the enamel gives shape and anesthetic, and realistic finish and appearance.

If you don’t want any metal on your teeth, then we highly recommend e-max crowns. They are the same material as a veneer, except they encapsulate the entire tooth, which makes them stronger than a veneer. Crown is less likely to get knocked off while giving the superior luminescence and aesthetic appearance of surfaces.

The best choice for the crown is zirconia metal. Zirconia is a white, super hard ceramic material. Zirconia can make with a high tech process, including a laser scan of a casting of the prepared teeth. It also builds with a cad/cam program that runs a milling machine to cut the zirconia into a crown. The zirconia crowns are the most durable of any crown, and with proper hygiene, will last for many years.

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