Zirconia is non-metal ceramic. With the help of the dentist will apply a crown, which looks natural. We use very modern CAD-CAM methods

For a long time, we use substances from gold to porcelain for a dental crown. But at present, the dental crown has a different beginning with the help of Zirconia. 

After making improvements in the production process of Zirconia, all the dentist’s first choices are towards Zirconia. By combining the consistent integration of CAD / CAM technologies into its workflow, they can now make an aesthetic advance and both posterior touchable rehabilitation.

Longterm solution.

This material is beneficial for patients seeking natural and long-lasting survival. Since we have the facility of our CAD-CAM Crown, the patient does not have any inconvenience, which can reduce prices by 30% to 40% in the treatment of all CAD-CAM so far

We achieve about 96% to 99% success rate in Zirconia. There will be no defects for a long time after treatment. In some cases, the patient is used CAD-CAM for a lifetime without any query.

  • It merges with the color of the tooth.
  • It is powerful
  • It requires less work than other materials.
  • From the use of porcelain, its appearance can be made more aesthetic.
  • Zirconia crown can be attached, can be closed, so your dentist gives more choice.
  • The Zirconia template takes only a day.
  • Zirconia crown is biocompatible material, so it has no side effects