Dental Hygiene and habits are essential at every age. You may see yourself wondering if your dental route needs a little tweaking, or if even one change in life has caused a change in your mouth. Whether you have all your teeth, some of them, or a whole bunch of teeth, diligently caring for your mouth is just as important when you are old.

We have two experienced dental hygienists in our dental team. They play a key role in our practice, advising patients on oral hygiene and the prevention of dental problems. We recommend patients visit a dental hygienist every six months for dental treatment.

Modern Hygiene Equipment

We specialize in the latest Hygiene treatments, including hygienic, corrosive, inflammatory and protective treatments. They actively treat gum disease by personally treating patients with dental care plans and home care advice. And of course, they offer many polishing and cleaning treatments, including jet polishing, to make sure your teeth look their best.

Our Hygienist work with our patients to design a personalized care plan. They will carefully evaluate your mouth and your unique make-up and advise your care plan for maximum preventive power. These may include cleaning and polishing treatments, home care advice, tips on helpful tips for reducing inflammation and diet tips, as well as their advice and expertise.

When you should visit dental hygienist?

If you have a complaint, the dentist will refer you to a dental hygienist. If the dentist has not referred you, you may also want to make an appointment. You do not need a dentist referral. It is advisable to visit a dental hygienist for the following complaints:

  1. Tartar, plaque or deposits on your teeth
  2. Bleeding, red or swollen gums
  3. Bad breath
  4. Bad taste in your mouth
  5. Receding gums
  6. Sensitive teeth
  7. Often holes
  8. Loose teeth or molars