Oral surgery specializes in surgery of the mouth, jaws, face, neck, and skull. It is a globally accepted remedial work. Mostly, It is related to oral problems. Surgery is performed to extract affected teeth, complicated tooth removals, uprootings on medically compromised patients.

Additionally, It also covers the bone grafting or preprosthetic surgery to provide more suitable shape for the placement of implants, dentures, or other dental prostheses.

Dental problems are common these days. It is seen amongst all the age groups from children, adolescents to the old aged people all may suffer the dental pain. Due to deep decay, failure of teeth to grow or Gum infections the traditional solution sometimes gives unsatisfactory outcomes.

Baroda dental care is there for you with Modern and Oral advice be it a normal checkup, teeth whitening, Oral lesions, Wisdom tooth removal or surgery for teeth we provide it all.

Dentoalveolar Surgery

The surgery includes all minor operations such as simple tooth extraction, exposure of impacted teeth, bone contouring, and minor soft tissue repairs. Anyone who has ever felt a toothache will appreciate the importance of every day dentoalveolar operation. It represents all minor surgeries completed in our office setting.

Oral lesions

Oral lesions are an ulcer that occurs on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. That can be caused by bacterial, viral or fungal infections.

Baroda dental cares for you, we have dental hygienists and modern equipment to deal with all your oral problems and make you feel better.

Painless Surgery and wisdom teeth removal

We want our teeth for a lifetime but there are many reasons like Dental problems,cavities, etc where our dentists recommend to remove the teeth. Be it a tooth extraction or wisdom teeth removal, Baroda dental is in all. We use tools like Benexextractor to lessen the pain.

We all fear tooth Surgery but with modern and anesthesia we don’t let our patients suffer from pain.

We advise our patients how to maintain their diet after surgery, drinking cold liquor, don’t rinse or brush for 24 hours after surgery and contact us anytime if they have continuous bleeding because we understand be it a normal extraction or surgery one should have after dentist care.

Flap surgery

It is mainly done to treat gum disease where the gums are folded back temporarily to treat the bone and roots.

After anesthesia, our dentists separates the teeth from gums to treat the roots and bones. We have a team of professionals who treats your bone defects and then the gums and teeth are again placed back to its original form with few stitches.

Just keep your mouth clean while the surgery is healing and don’t forget to use ice bags. You can use antimicrobial mouthwashes To prevent infection, swelling and bleeding keep on visiting your dentist.

Dentoalveolar surgery

Alveolar bone is a bone that acts as a support system for the teeth. Here we can have simple procedures to the most complex surgeries.

Partial or full tooth extraction, Removal of bone materials, removing bone materials, soft tissue removal and soft tissue repair Baroda dental care does it all. Sometimes the major nerves need to be extracted or adjacent teeth have larger fillings. We aim to make our customers satisfied by providing the best treatment for a lifetime.

Orofacial pain

Sometimes we feel pain in mouth, face or jaws. This is very common to see orofacial pain because of dental causes, disease or dysfunction of the nervous system and poor ergonomics. The symptoms are headaches, neck pain, ear pain, dental pain, jaw pain. Some of the other symptoms include Dizziness, ringing sensations in the ears or abnormal itching. These pain are life-threatening because people are unaware and take it casually.

Baroda dental care can find out the reason for orofacial pain and provide the best treatment.

Visit Baroda dental and find the top dentist at your service. We have various ways to make you smile a bit wider.