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Teeth Whitening arrives in various forms, and a patient who would like to have a white, sparkling, and clean set of teeth have many options to choose from.

Some of those options are for natural teeth whitening, which takes a bit of time to show precise results. In some cases, which can produce outcomes in a single small session of the whitening treatment. Then there are some modern ones, which provide excellent results without injuring the teeth.

We will be taking a look at various kinds of teeth whitening treatments, which have proven highly useful and valuable. To having oral cleanliness and teeth health, giving that beautiful white smile that you want.

Opalescence Teeth Whitening Systems

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Opalescence Boost is a chemically initiated power whitening gel that gives brighter, whiter teeth after just 50 minutes at the dental clinic. The potent 40% hydrogen peroxide gel is chemically activated, so it doesn’t require hot, uncomfortable daylight to work.

Opalescence will provide you a brighter, whiter smile in a way that fits your budget and your lifestyle!

At Baroda Dental Clinic, Opalescence System is just one of many teeth whitening options. Call us at +91 90818 55855 to schedule a consultation.

Other Teeth Whitening Options

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At Baroda Dental Clinic, the system we have chosen to provide is the KoR Whitening System. Depending on your requirements and wanted outcome, this system enables us to tailor your special clinical needs to a whitening protocol that makes sense. For most people who have an even shade to their teeth, but want a lighter, brighter smile, this means at-home trays.

If you have a want for a quicker whitening process or have a darker starting shade, you can take benefit of an in-office boost to start your whitening process. Follow this treatment with at-home trays, and you will be able to tailor your whitening needs to your ultimate goals. 

A patient has internal spots, such as tetracycline staining or very gray looking teeth. Whitening is still a choice for you, but you may require a couple of in-office treatments combined with more extended time at home trays.

Keeping Your teeth cleaning Results

Teeth whitening is an easy and affordable way of enhancing the look and charm of your smile. We have in-office professional treatments and take-home trays as options. Whitening can be completed in one hour at our Alkapuri office and is performed using highly active gels in an office setting.

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The results of teeth whitening can complete with high-quality oral hygiene and cleanings. You must brush and floss daily to maintaining a healthy diet. You can find more information about how to enhance your teeth whitening results in Vadodara by calling and scheduling an appointment at Baroda Dental Clinic

Basics Of Tooth Whitening

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For folks who require a look which is much brighter, the procedure of tooth tooth whitening can be given. Tooth whitening can reduce staining and discoloration and ultimately grant a patient a whiter and brighter set of teeth. But how much really can your teeth become whiter? Some tooth whitening products claim that your teeth can become nine shades whiter. This is exaggerating. A whitening of two or three shades is more possible and can already provide a significant change in a person’s smile.

Teeth Whitening FAQ

Why we need teeth whitening?

You should note at this moment that the pearly whites have no consistent whiteness. Usually, the whitest teeth are the two front teeth while molars are generally two shades darker. A realistic goal for anyone wishing to have a whiter set of teeth is for the process to achieve its optimum level while retaining the natural look of white teeth. Besides, the whitening results vary from patient to patient depending on the teeth structure and procedure type. But first, what causes tooth discoloration? Remember that aging, chemical damage and staining are factors that contribute to discoloration as are medications, tea, coffee, cola soft drinks and cigarette.

Why our teeth going dull?

In addition there are other variables affecting the hue of teeth like family genes and condition. Some people have naturally whiter teeth enamel and their children can acquire this gene trait. But if you suspect that there’s a physiological factor behind the color of your teeth, it is best to consult your physician too so you can better inform your dentist.

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Whitening corrects the discoloration in your tooth by removing the yellowing on your own pearly whites.

And there are a number of methods or techniques that can be used to achieve this such as the following: mild acid whitening, chemical whitening, abrasive teeth whitening and the latest one: laser teeth whitening.

What is teeth bleaching?

Teeth bleaching is actually a chemical substance procedure that a dental professional are able to use to reduce within the colour of the tooth of his individual. The process can be administered right in the dentist’s clinic, at the patient’s home or a combination of clinic first-finish at home. Home teeth bleaching procedures are more common nowadays these afford patients the convenience of their own homes.

Can I make my teeth white at home?

The aesthetic dental professional first molds a customized jaws tray or jaws shield for his affected person. Creating the mouth tray is critical because this controls the amount of whitening agent to be used and holds the entire teeth for even whitening. Other material requirements for the home procedure are fairly easy to handle. The dentists should make sure that the patient is well-instructed and well-equipped. While treating at home, never hesitate to call your dentist if you have questions or is not sure of what you’re doing.

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Usually, the mouthguard that contain the whitening answer needs to be used immediately or as instructed by your dental professional or suggested through the product or service literature. The session could also last for as short as 2 or 3 hours. This really depends in the product and your own whitening need.

What Is Tooth Whitening?

Tooth whitening is a process that “bleaches” the teeth, removing it of stains on the enamel and dentin to affect a lightening of any discoloration present. A standard tooth whitening procedure uses carbamide peroxide poured over a custom mouth-guard worn over the teeth.

external stains: tobacco, tea, coffee and juices like grape and apple, coffee, tea, and internal tobacco stains: excessive fluoride (during teeth formation), aging, trauma, nerve degeneration, tetracycline (while teeth are forming)

Only professional whitening procedures such as the custom tray bleaching can remove both internal and external stains. Over-the-counter tooth whitening products like toothpaste only remove the external blemishes.

Who Can Undergo Tooth Whitening?

Anybody can benefit from a tooth whitening procedure. A specific method though may be less effective for some people. Patients whose teeth are stained by tetracycline may experience difficulty in achieving the desired whiteness. People with veneers, crowns, or fillings may also experience uneven whiteness because these dental fixtures do not whiten along with the rest of the teeth.

Can A Pregnant or Nursing Woman Bleach Her Teeth?

It is recommended, and dentists agree that a pregnant woman and nursing mother should avoid any teeth whitening procedure. The reason for this is there are no clinical studies done yet to find out the effects of the bleaching agents on a woman’s health if she’s pregnant or nursing.

Whys Are There Teeth That Do Not Whiten Evenly With The Rest?

The sides of your teeth and the biting edges whiten more quickly than the rest. Here is so because of the thicker enamel in these areas. Teeth with thicker paint respond faster to the bleaching agent than teeth with thinner enamel. Continue with your whitening procedure, and the whiteness will even out eventually.

Is Tooth Whitening Safe?

The most preferred tooth whitening procedure is the custom-fit tray bleaching that uses carbamide peroxide. This procedure, when done under the supervision of an oral healthcare professional or a dentist, is safe. There’s no danger of the bleaching agent harming your teeth and gums. It also does not damage the enamel or cause any tooth weakening. The only short term side-effect is tooth sensitivity, which goes away quickly when the process is stopped.

Consult your dentist if you have any more questions that concern you but are not discussed in this article. The more you know about tooth whitening, the more confident you will be of any procedure you will choose.

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