Periodontal disease is a general difficulty that affects 50 percent of Indian. Excellent oral hygiene, daily flossing, cleaning and visiting the dentist can go a long way in stopping gum disease, which worsens over time and can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and low birth weight babies.

Gum infection is the most frequent cause of tooth loss. Periodontics are dentists who are experts in stopping tooth loss & keeping oral health by the analysis, treatment, and restriction of diseases affecting the gums and bone of your mouth. They have advanced training the replacement of missing teeth with dental implants and the treatment of gum disease.

Experts in Periodontics

Dr. Dhaval and Dr. Mitul are an Expert of Surgery at Baroda Dental Attending Periodontist in the Department of Surgery at Vadodara, India. They are dedicated to work and patients, ensuring every patient receives the highest level of care available.

There are 3 types of periodontal infection. This is generated when bacteria, found in plaque, works within the soft tissues (gums) and your tooth. It slowly kills the underlying bone and hurts the roots of your teeth. In time, your gums grow more painful and ‘full’, bleed readily and disturbed eating and eventually, if left untreated, could lead to lack of your teeth. The early steps can be treated with non-surgical clinical methods.

What treatments are there for Periodontal

Initially, a record of judgments is taken around every tooth to determine the level of the condition. This is reiterated throughout each stage of treatment to continuously check the improvement of the condition. This is called a six-point pocket chart.

Once it is clear which stage of the condition you have, advice on the proper treatment is made and a bespoke treatment plan is given to you. The early stage of treatment may involve oral hygiene instruction and deep scaling (prophylaxis) and polish with a Dental Hygienist/Therapist. Once this phase of treatment is completed, you are reassessed by Our Specialist Periodontist to see if further treatment is necessary.

Root Canal

Root Canal is a different form of intense scaling which can be best brought out by the Periodontist. This treatment is provided out under a local anesthetic and is usually treated over 2 appointments.

Periodontal Surgery

This is the most invasive procedure and seldom certain for average and difficult disease cases. It may also be necessary to add bone grafting and statement of medicines to the area to help destroy the harmful bacteria and rebuild your lost bone.