The decision to undertake major dental work is a very thoughtful and deserving subject. We understand that you want to meet us and know about your treatment options, time frames, and pricing.

That’s why, at Baroda Dental Clinic, we offer a free consultation on all-important dental practice. Come and meet our team about your dental conditions. We will take x-rays free of charge if they are required and will give you all the options, time frames, and a detailed treatment and price plan to take away.

What to Expect at Dental Consultation?

At this consultation, you can discuss your issues, concerns, and treatment options.

Some dental procedures are very complicated. Before you get set in the chair for full treatment, it is essential to know what’s next. Have all your issues full of consultation and get a detailed review of what happens when you are in the chair. Our dentist can provide a helpful view to help you better understand each step of the process. If you are nervous, this can also help to reduce your stress or fear.

Steps involved in Dental Implants Placement

Step 1: Examination

Check out the existing aisle, gum infection, worn teeth, or other problems and review.

Step 2: (If Required) X-Rays

These diagnostic models will give you more knowledge about your teeth, jaw and bone health and help in buildings and restoration of the tooth.

Step 3: Discussion

Your dentist will help you explore all the options available. It will ask leading questions to help determine which approach is best for your personal needs. You do not have to schedule a procedure after your consultation. If one of your dentists does not offer the service you want, then it is time to move ahead and explore other options. You can use our treatments menu to make it easier by looking for specific procedures or services. You are eligible for care and treatment, which is best suited for you.

Step 4: Treatment plan

After an oral assessment, your dentist will discuss the treatment fees and cost with you. They will recommend any treatment options to you, including all the benefits and risks of each procedure and the costs, in a dental plan. It will allow you to decide what is best for your long term dental health.

Twice a year, it is required to have a check-up and visit our hygienist to secure the long-term success of your implants.

We offer FREE initial Consultations for

Some of the specific things we look for or check are

New patient consultation

When you visit us for our dental consultation, in addition to talking about your dental experiences and worries, we will investigate your full face thoroughly.

It is essential to seek expert advice before starting any treatment. We are here for this. The new era has continued to accelerate new technology and innovation. For which both the patient and the doctor should have enough information.

70 to 80% of dentists are unable to incorporate new ways and resources into their clinic in India. As a result, the patient can not get proper treatment and maximum benefit

Profundity in Consultation

When you visit us for our dental consultation, in addition to talking about your dental experiences and worries, we will investigate your full face thoroughly.

Our doctors will give you a complete understanding of the procedure. You could address all your questions so that can make a proposed choice. 

We will guide you through the various treatment plan options and estimates of their fees at this point.

We believe in full transparency, so once we start paying your fees, it does not change during treatment. This appointment serves as a platform for a healthy doctor-patient relationship. The consultation fee will be not charged only once for this visit if you are comfortable with everything, you can choose to proceed with treatment.