Nerve Lateralization in Vadodara

Nerve Lateralization Treatment In Vadodara, India

In the posterior mandible, dental implants are typically used to support fixed prostheses. In several cases, severe bone resorption occurs in this area following tooth extraction. Some times, It is difficult to place implants in appropriate sizes due to the lack of vertical distance of the inferior alveolar nerve (IAN).

There are regenerative procedures in the posterior mandible to provide reconstruction with implants in cases of extreme vertical bone loss. Re-positioning of the nerve is one of the alternative ways in the research.

We are experts in Nerve Lateralization

Baroda Dental experts are very experienced in placing Dental Implants. We have the proper solution to solve nerve-related issues. Inferior alveolar nerve lateralization and transposal in order with the placing of dental implants is seldom the only possible method to help patients to obtain a fixed prosthesis. With careful surgical and prosthetic planning, imaging, and exact surgical technique, this procedure can be successfully used for implant placement.