The Benefits of Invisalign Over Metal Braces

Teeth play a major role in your looks as everyone wants to wear and see a beautiful smile. Overlapped teeth or gaps in teeth can look unattractive and also blemish your overall appearance. To correct these problems, earlier there was only one solution – Braces. Braces work by putting force against the teeth, moving them slowly over time. The braces are made of metal, plastic or ceramic.

Although braces give a remarkable result in straightening teeth, they carry with them a stigma of looking ugly while treatment is undertaken, due to their visibility. A permanent mouth irritation is also a factor. There is another orthodontist course of treatment for straitening teeth without metal braces called Invisalign.

In 1997 Align Technology Company receive FDA clearance to market Invisalign as an orthodontist device. Invisalign is proposed to do the same job as braces in terms of regular tooth movement.

Invisalign braces move teeth through the proper placement of controlled force on the teeth. It not only controls the force that is applied on teeth but also controls timing of the force. At each step only specific teeth are allowed to move.

Invisalign is an invisible method of straightening teeth. Instead of wires and brackets, Invisalign uses a series of clear removable aligners. These aligners apply controlled pressure on your teeth. To design these aligners, the latest 3D technology is used which simulates the stages the teeth will go through. And this technology also allows you to view your own virtual treatment model when you start, so that you can see how your straight teeth will appear when your treatment is complete. Your orthodontist will review these 3D models and will approve the treatment plan.

A strong medical graded plastic is used to manufacture Invisalign aligners. Most of the time, these aligners are worn for about 2 weeks and after 2 weeks the old set of aligners are changed changed out for new ones. But there is no tightening or adjustment. Your teeth move through a step-by-step incremental procedure until they attain a desired or specific position.

Invisalign gives you maximum comfort and ease. And eating, brushing and flossing are no more a problem as aligners are removable. Therefore, you can relish your favorite food during the invisalign process.

Time taken for Invisalign treatment is just half that of traditional braces. Total treatment time is between 9-15 months and the approximate number of aligners worn during treatment is between 18 and 30, but from case to case the time and aligners may vary.

Invisalign also has some limitations. Firstly it is a cost effective treatment, yet is more than traditional braces. Treatment cost may vary according to the complexity of the case. Also, there are some cases such as overcrowding, over bites and under bites that Invisalign does not treat. Patients may feel discomfort for a few days with each new aligner. Also, Invisalign may temporarily affect the speech of some people.

Invisalign may have some limitations but it not only provides you with a beautiful smile but also gives comfort during the entire process.