How to Whiten Ceramic Teeth – Here is What You Need to Do to Get a Whiter Brighter Smile

Ceramic teeth are used to replace underlying teeth that are damaged to make them look better. But over time, these veneers can also wear out just like real teeth. Sometimes, ceramic teeth aren’t as white as the original teeth. But the thing, there is simply no way on how to whiten ceramic teeth. Whatever color you got originally will stay the same, and won’t be several shades lighter no matter what you do.

You should go back to your dentist and explain to him that your ceramic teeth and original teeth are not evenly matched and that it has been bugging you. Some dentists have totally no idea of advanced techniques on how to match these things. You have become a victim of their incompetence or lack of knowledge on up to date technologies.

Ask him to redo your ceramic teeth. They don’t need to be broken off your teeth. They simply have to be rewound and replaced with something that resembles the color of your original teeth. Better yet, look for a dentist that has more experience about these things so that you can be assured it will be done correct the second time.

If the original teeth pale in comparison to the bright color of the ceramic teeth, you may try bleaching your original teeth to whiten them. In this case, you would need to learn how to whiten teeth as opposed to how to whiten ceramic teeth. There are many ways on how to do that, actually.

One of them is to patiently brush your teeth with peroxide based toothpaste. This type of toothpaste is easily available at many stores. It boldly says whitening in the label so you wouldn’t have a hard time locating them. This kind of toothpaste works just like regular toothpaste, only that it has an added whitening property to bring back your teeth to its natural whitish color.

When you were a kid, your teeth were naturally white. What happened, you may ask. Well, the enamel coating around it kind of gets eroded over time, revealing a darker looking shade inside called the dentin. Another reason is that the color of the food you eat rubs off on your teeth. So if you’re fond of smoking and drinking coffee, you are more likely to develop blackish teeth in the long run.

To counter these effects, start eating more veggies and fruits. These types of foods contain cleansing effects and can wash away yellowish stains. Take note that you need to stop gulping cups of coffee a day as well as soda. It would be best to drink milk instead because the white coloring of milk is a good way to restore baby looking teeth.