When to See an Orthodontist?

Straight teeth are healthy teeth. They help you maintain a perfect smile and charm the world around easily. With such teeth, tour confidence level will always be up and your appearance will be improved. However, the story is entirely different when someone has crooked teeth or facing alignment concerns with their teeth. Such teeth not only ruin the beauty of smile, dilute the glow of appearance but also dull the facial charms. So, naturally, they will have a big impact on your quality of time together with carrying the risk of dental problems in future. They need immediately treatment to not harm your dental health any further.

More importantly, any misalignment between the teeth can cause jaw and temporomandibular joint pain. This is where you need to see the orthodontist and seek right treatment for your dental alignment problem. Earlier, such dentists almost always recommend metal braces to treat alignment issues in patients. Such braces are still popular but the use of metal wires and brackets don’t make them endear to new-age teens and adults. Such braces are visible in nature so they will stand out in the mouth, which does not look aesthetically correct. For that reason, there is a need of a system which is not visible in the mouth.

Thankfully, invisible braces are a reality and they have become a good alternative to traditional metal braces. They will be free of wires and brackets; rather, plastic aligners are used to move the teeth into right alignment. They are quite a sophisticated system where the dentist will first take a 3D impressions of the mouth before preparing the aligner. They are created in a way to cover the teeth yet remain invisible. Similarly, these aligners are removable so they add quality to life and does not restrict eating and brushing in any manner. With them, you can enjoy life as its best.

Further, some people doubt the utility of plastics in aligners as they think metal will lend more strength and vigor to teeth. Well, they are wrong as hard plastic is used to put pressure on the teeth so that a right amount of force can be applied on the periodontal ligaments. This is when the ligaments get widened making the teeth loose and guiding them into proper alignment in a gradual manner. With such braces, it takes between 9 to 15 months to get the proper alignment but in some cases, it may also take two years for the result to show up.

Clearly, invisible aligners are a good option when it comes to getting proper alignment between your teeth and maintaining the aesthetics of the face and smile. Since they are not visible like metal, any feeling of awkwardness is completely out of the way. Plus, such braces are easy to brush or floss around, and they even don’t prevent from enjoying foods of choice. You can thus consult a trained orthodontist and know in details braces and their utility for your teeth. This will help your alignment problems easily.