What to Consider Before Using Invisalign

A perfect smile adds beauty. Apparently, people tend to smile comfortably when they know their smile is impressive. The teeth arrangement has an important role in determining the beauty of the smile. Some people never smile freely because they have crowded teeth. Fortunately, there is a way that dentists can align the teeth properly. In the past, the metal braces were the only solution. However, adults were never comfortable using the metal braces. This is due to their visibility. The clear braces are preferred by most people. Listed below are certain things that people ought to consider before using the clear braces.


Knowing how to handle the pain caused by the aligners is imperative. Some patients complain of pain after fixing the clear aligners. This is normally caused by the sharp edges of the aligners. It is advisable to report the pain to the dentists. The dentists will file the sharp and rough edges of the aligners to smoothen them. However, most patients solve the problem on their own by using wax to cover the sharp edges. This is an effective means of reducing the pain.


The clear aligners will only be beneficial if they provide positive results. However, it is important to know how long it will bring those results. For most individuals, it does not take long before results are seen. A majority of the people obtained better results after 2 or 3 months. However, it will not exceed a year. Knowing the duration of the treatment will enable users to be committed when wearing the braces. Apart from that, both the dentists can determine the effectiveness of the aligners using time.

Is it the perfect solution?

The clear aligners are not capable of solving every misalignment problem. The dentist or orthodontist know your dental problem. They are in a good position to advise if the Invisalign will manage to solve your problem. Consult several dentists to access accurate information about the reliability of the clear aligners. Patients are required to wear the aligners for 22 hours every day. This is because the teeth ought to be under constant pressure in order to be aligned properly. This will speed up the treatment.

Picking clear aligner provider

The orthodontists and the dentists are licensed to provide clear aligners. However, it is mandatory for the orthodontics to undergo 2 or 3 years’ training for jaw straightening and correcting bites. Those in need of corrective dental service apart from the aligners should prefer orthodontics. Experienced dentists will be a suitable choice for people in need of clear braces only. Before selecting a clear aligner provider, read reviews about them. That will enlighten you about their competence and reliability.