What Are Dental Bridges and When Are They Used?

A dental bridge is a restorative dental product which is primarily used to replace missing teeth. This restorative procedure is often times compared to other cosmetic restorative products such as dentures and implant products. When an individual has missing teeth, it can severely impact not only the aesthetic features of one’s facial properties, but also cause other damaging effects such as misalignment of the teeth, TMJ, and even gum disease which is referred to as periodontal disease. Dental bridges are often used when there are a consecutive number of teeth that are missing from an individuals mouth. Once the individual is examined by a general or cosmetic dentist, they are then provided options based on which teeth are missing and if they are consecutive of each other. If teeth are missing in a consecutive fashion, the dentist will generally suggest a dental bridge to close the gap of the missing teeth.

There are many aspects involved before going through with such a dental restorative procedure. Usually the dentist will check for proper bone structure as well as ensure the patient has healthy periodontal properties before suggesting such a procedure. The actual procedure is divided into multiple visits. One of the first visits for the patient will involve taking impressions of the teeth to ensure the dental bridge will attain a perfect fit. Depending on an individuals needs, the dentist will reshape the teeth to ensure that the dental bridge can be properly placed without causing damage to the surrounding teeth. The actual dental bridge is made at a dental lab using the impressions that were made at the dentist office, the fabrication of the dental bridge will typically take anywhere from 3-7 days depending on the dental laboratory. Once the bridge has been fabricated, the dentist will perform the procedure to actually place the bridge into the patients mouth. The procedure itself routinely calls for the bridge to be cemented to allow for maximum strength. Depending on the dental practitioner, they will routinely schedule a post procedure appointment to ensure the gums and bones are in a healthy state as well as check on the dental bridge to allow for proper healing.

The cost of such a procedure can vary significantly. There are many different factors that will play a role into the pricing of a dental bridge, they typically range from $800 up to $2,000. Factors such as, which dentist provided the procedure? Where was the dental bridge made, in what laboratory? These are all questions that should be answered should you decide to get such a restorative procedure done. It is also important to check with your medical insurance agency to ensure that they will pay for such a procedure.