Practicing Safe Dentistry In Dark Time

Our offices have always been among the safest places to be in terms of cleanliness and sanitization.

We are continuing to be diligent with strict screening measures and stringent infection control prevention protocols while providing our patients and staff members ease of mind during dental visits and procedures.

Besides, Now we have in office IQAir, a hospital-grade air purification system that removes even the tiniest microorganisms, including those the size of COVID-19.

Patient safety efforts are meant to prevent unintentional harm to patients due to Novel Coronavirus. For dentists, it is a legal and ethical duty to ensure that their patients are safe.

Dental health care professionals are at higher risk as they work near patients. They are more prone to aerosol infections. Dentists should follow standard precautions to protect themselves from this virus.

Coronavirus screening at medical center

This article aims to provide all safety & preventive measures that dental health care professionals take while providing urgent dental care to the patients.

We are helping to prevent transmission. Our dentist now following various infection control measures

  • Personal protection equipment (PPE) is mandatory while treating such patients.
  • Autoclave hand pieces after each use.
  • Quick evacuation should be used for dental procedures to produce an aerosol (e.g., In Endodontic procedures or ultrasonic scaling).
  • Perform hand hygiene with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Dentists using 60% of alcohol-based Sanitizers.
  • We provide face masks to patients who are coughing.
  • Patients should be kept in the isolation room to prevent transmission of disease to other patients and personnel.
  • We follow routine cleaning and disinfection strategies in dental offices.
  • We do proper Fumigation in the dental office.
  • Studies have shown that SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) were highly susceptible to povidone-iodine mouth rinse. Therefore, to minimize a load of coronaviruses in the saliva preprocedure, mouth rinse should be done by 0.2% povidone-iodine.

Our sanitization, infection control protocols and social distancing measures include the following:

  • Asking all patients to fill out any necessary paperwork online before their appointment
  • Asking patients to wait in their vehicles (where applicable) until they are ready to be seen to avoid waiting areas
  • Requiring anyone entering the offices to wear a face mask and ensuring they are a minimum of 6 ft (1.83 m). Apart from when not receiving dental treatment
  • Every time, we make sure that each of our members has average temperatures before change shift to ensure only healthy personnel are treating patients
  • Accepting temperatures and guiding patients to handwashing stations upon entering offices and instructing patients to rinse with peroxide or Listerine before treatments to kill viruses and bacteria
  • Requiring doctors and medical staff to wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times
  • Thoroughly and regularly cleaning all surfaces in offices that can be exposed to infection between patients

Requiring symptomatic patients to reschedule appointments to later dates

Besides, our offices have large and wide-open space, with plenty of exam rooms where patients and staff members are comfortable practicing social distancing. These protocols result in our offices being one of the safest areas for dental treatment.