Maintain Good Oral Hygiene of your kid throughout COVID-19

Throughout the spread of COVID-19, no one has a more robust time staying happy, busy, and keeping up their routine than children. While they’re cooped up inside, they can make use of bad habits like constantly snacking, eating unhealthy foods, and forgetting to brush and floss their teeth.

Thankfully, being a parent, you can help in keeping their smiles healthy throughout this uncertain time. Read on to find some pro-at-home methods for small smiles from your children’s dentist in San Ramos.

Feed Them Mouth-Healthy Food, Step one. It is possible to choose to use prevent dental difficulties for your kids is to watch the meals they’re eating. It’s no secret that children love sweets. However, sugar creates a substantial risk of cavities and decay. Instead, you can bake your kids treats with Xylitol, a healthy sugar substitute.

Doing this, they could still eat delicious sweets without hurting their teeth. It would be best if you made an effort to ask them to eat the more light well-balanced meals like veggies and fruits. These act as natural toothbrushes, scrubbing away plaque and promoting saliva flow that washes away bacteria.

Facilitate Their Brushing & Flossing Habits It’s easy for your children to fall out of their brushing and flossing routine during the quarantine. However, this is often a terrific time to fine-tune their dental hygiene. You ought to ensure that they’re brushing twice daily for 2 minutes each session.

Should this be challenging, you may play their preferred song and turn to clean at a dance party. Even better, you may brush using them, showing your son or daughter the best way the big kid practices it.

Additionally, be sure that they’re flossing their teeth once a day. Should they can’t yet, this can be difficult for several kids, therefore you should floss their teeth on their behalf. For the kids that refuse to floss, try using pre-strung floss picks!

Switch to water As opposed to Soda. Kids love sugary beverages like sports and sodas drinks. Still, they can be bad for teeth because they stay in touch with the smile for extended periods, heightening the probability of decay. Instead, now is a great chance to get the kid’s water.

Most faucet water contains fluoride, a naturally sourced mineral that can help protect teeth preventing cavities, though it’s not only better concerning their bodies. Plus, water helps wash away lingering food debris and bacteria within the mouth so that it is a beautiful way to keep their smile clean actively!

There’s no need to let your child’s oral hygiene fall from the wayside within this uncertain time. Use these easy yet useful tips to maintain your children healthy and smiling.

Kid washing hands with mom in the bathroom.

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