Laser Teeth Whitening – How Does it Work?

Laser teeth whitening is one of the most effective ways to get a whiter smile that you have been admiring on the faces of your favorite celebrities. The laser teeth whitening process has the ability to whiten the teeth as much as eight shades in one short treatment and comes with very few side effects. Here is some insight on how the laser teeth whitening process really works that can help you to make your decision when it comes to teeth whitening techniques.

Laser whitening processes can effectively whiten the teeth in as little as one hour to remove the stains which are associated with regular coffee drinkers or smokers. There are multiple steps associated with laser teeth whitening – these steps are as follows:

First, any plaque that has been accumulated near the gum line may affect the whitening process. for this reason, the plaque must be removed before the teeth whitening procedure can begin. To remove this plaque a dental technician will complete a regular process that can be compared to a cleaning process. This can help to reduce any discoloration that may occur through the teeth whitening process as it can be impossible to predict how different teeth or parts of the teeth will react to the whitening solutions.

Next, a solution that often consists of a high level of oxygen is applied to the teeth. This whitening solution is applied to the teeth and cloth is used to protect the patient against the lasers which are used in the next step to whiten the teeth – the lasers can affect the skin if it is not protected so protection is applied to the gums, mouth and lips as well as the skin around the lips.

In the most effective step in the tooth whitening process, a laser is used to whiten the teeth. The laser effectively removes the buildup that can accumulate on the teeth and cause them to lose their brightness, shine and whiteness. When this process is finished, the teeth can be up to ten shades whiter than before the treatment began. The laser lights activate the tooth whitening gel and the full results of the whitening treatments can be achieved in as little as ten shades.

Laser whitening treatments are one of the most effective teeth whitening procedures. If there are deep embedded stains in the teeth it can take multiple treatments to whiten the teeth and see the full results.