How Will Smoking Affect The Teeth Straightening Process With Invisalign?

It is well known that smoking is not good for overall health. Not only can it cause serious damage to your health, such as lung capacity, it can be injurious to your teeth’s health. Smoking can lead to serious teeth problems, such as decay of the teeth, discoloration and wonky teeth – all of which are not a nice sight

When thinking about straightening your teeth with Invisalign, you may want to consider giving up smoking. Smoking causes a number of problems, including tooth decay. This happens because of the plaque accumulation that can cause your teeth to rot away and finally cause gum disease. If using Invisalign and you continue to smoke with them in, you may find a high amount of discoloration and plaque upon your teeth’s surface, which could cause later on tarnished teeth.

Smoking over a lengthy period of time can cause your teeth to shift in ways they are not supposed to. If tackling the problem of out of line teeth, it may be best to give up smoking for good. Smoking during the Invisalign process is usually not recommended as it can cause the invisible braces to discolor, in turn making them not so invisible – and certainly not so good to look at.

Use Invisalign not only as an invisible brace but as an opportunity to quit smoking. Many patients often give up smoking, as smoking can be quite a hassle when you have to take your invisible braces in and out. Quitting smoking also means your braces will remain invisible and your teeth healthy during the process. If you do decide to quit and replace your cigarette with nicotine chewing gum, remember to always take your braces out before chewing as chewing with Invisalign braces in causes them to break.

If you do decide to continue to smoke whilst using Invisalign braces, never smoke with them in and continue a good oral health plan. Due to the high amount of plaque on a smoker’s teeth, it is always best to clean your teeth and Invisalign braces thoroughly.