How to Maintain Healthy Teeth and Gums

Necessity for strong teeth and gums

Teeth are not made up of bones but of tissues that vary in density. They help in breaking down food before it goes to the stomach. It is necessary to maintain good and healthy teeth and gums. Without nutritious teeth and gums, eating even tastiest of foods becomes difficult and annoying. The teeth also reflects a lot on your hygiene and adds beauty to the person. The gums have to be very strong because they hold the teeth. If the germs attack the gums, the roots of the teeth get affected, thus becoming weak. In order to maintain healthy set of teeth and gums, it is necessary to follow the given steps.

Brushing your teeth twice a day and cleaning tongue

Brushing the teeth is a common activity every day however we do not take a lot of care while brushing. It has to be done with utmost care to remove all the particles in the mouth and no part of the teeth must be left without being brushed. It has to be done at least twice a day, morning after getting up and before sleeping in the night. Brushing in the night is as compulsory as brushing during the dawn as it helps to take care of the teeth for the whole night. In addition to teeth, it is highly important to clean your tongue every day.

Rinsing mouth with mouth wash or salt water

It is necessary to rinse mouth after every meal or snacks. It is advisable to rinse mouth well especially after eating a chocolate. Mouth wash can be used for rinsing mouth as it also cleans the gums and keeps it strong. When rinsing using mouth wash is done regularly, the particles which cannot be removed by brush can be gargled out. It also helps in removing bad odor from the mouth. You can use salt water to rinse the mouth as it is a good cleansing agent and removes microbes as well. A salt based tooth paste can be equally helpful to remove bacteria and other germs from the teeth. Green tea is a good anti-oxidant and it can be used for mouth wash as well.

Eating calcium rich foods

It is necessary to consume calcium rich foods in your regular diet. Milk and yogurt contain large amount of calcium and is very helpful for the growth of teeth. Cheese is very helpful to maintain the pH of the mouth. One cup of almonds can be taken every day for good set of teeth. Cabbage and leafy vegetables are very rich in calcium and help in the growth of bones. In non-vegetarian foods, canned fish is rich is calcium.

Avoid eating sticky chocolates

Chocolates and sweets are healthy and they provide instant energy, however they must be taken in limited quantity. If a small particle of chocolate settles in between your teeth, then it may cause problems for your teeth. If you leave it carefree, it may even lead to decay of that tooth, leading to its removal. Therefore, even if you eat chocolate, make sure you brush immediately and remove all particles from the mouth.

Consuming foods that clean your teeth

Some foods like apple, carrot and celery help in cleaning the teeth as they are eaten. It keeps the gums strong and also decreases the cavities. Besides eating these foods, it is recommended to hydrate yourself regularly. When you drink a glass of water once an hour, it helps in removing bacteria from the mouth and prevents gum disease. Thus by following these steps, you can have healthy set of teeth and gums.