Health Tips – Nipping Anxiety in the Bud

In modern society, where competitiveness is the name of the game, stress and anxiety have become part and parcel of everyday life. But there may come a time when anxiety threatens to take over our lives and pull us into the abyss of darkness. This is often a frightening path of no return, especially when we let ourselves snap. Recovery or even management of one’s condition becomes arduous.

Luckily, there are ways to stop yourself from going down the path of no return. When anxiety builds up in your system, there are some ways to stop yourself from going over the edge. These are probably not new to many but they are really effective for reducing anxiety.

1. Take a break – Stop what you are doing and just go someone else or do something else. It can be anything, such as reading a book, calling up a friend or neighbor or just grabbing a bite.

2. Take a deep breath – Breathing exercises usually work for me and many of my friends as they help one relax and have a calming effect. Take slow breaths and clear your mind of the issue making you anxious. This seems to work for some people who go for auditions or tests as well.

3. Exercise – Go for a run. Get your muscles working. It’s healthy and good for your body and will help reduce the tension you are feeling. Just don’t overdo it.

4. Have a bath – A good way to relax to cool yourself down with water by taking a nice long bath. Let the water run over your body and wash away the anxiety as well. This is a technique which many people have told me works for them.

5. Listen to some music (or pray) – Have you heard that music heals the soul? Turn on some nice soothing music to calm your nerves and take you into another realm. I wouldn’t go for rock music but if that’s what works for you, why not? If you’re religious, you can also pray!

Of course, I understand that everyone is different and while some tips will work for some, they may not work for others. So do try to understand what helps you and practice those techniques whenever you start to feel anxious.

Don’t wait till you snap, nip anxiety in the bud!