Get Big Smile With E-Max Dental Crowns

Your pearly whites and healthy pink gums are the indicators of your overall good health. Experts say poor oral health can increase your risk of stroke, heart attack, premature birth, diabetes, arthritis and even Alzheimer’s disease.

If your poor dental structure is having a detrimental effect on your physical and mental health then there are a variety of restorations available in cosmetic dentistry that are so effective and worth your attention. And, E-max dental crown is one of them.

An E-max dental crown is an innovative all-ceramic dental restoration which can help you to improve the size, shape, strength, and appearance of your teeth which have become damaged or broken. As opposed to replacing the damaged tooth, a crown completely covers your existing tooth and provides outstanding esthetics, strength while preserving its usefulness.

A newer inclusion in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, the E-max dental crown is preferred for its properties like highly attractive aesthetic appearance, longer lasting toughness and durability.

To produce E-max restorations lab technicians use lithium disilicate, a high strength ceramic material that achieves a very high translucency. The lab technicians use this high-strength material in conjunction with either the PRESS technique or the CAD/CAM applications. This glass ceramic material is delicate in appearance yet very strong and tough to withstand the biting and chewing pressure. Besides, it provides an exact color match with your own natural teeth.

E.max lithium disilicate can be used as:

Single-tooth restorations in the posterior and anterior region


Thin veneers

Partial crowns

Anterior/premolar bridges

Crowns on implants


The key advantage of E-Max crowns is that they are durable due to the high strength. The e.max lithium disilicate restorations replicate natural tooth structure without looking fake. With an appealing translucent color, these caps are indistinguishable from your real teeth.

Apart from the transparent color of it, the lifelike shape makes these undetectable restorations more visually appealing.

Another advantage is that they are strong and durable. These crowns provide outstanding esthetic results without compromising strength and durability. It has been shown in studies that E-max crowns are far less likely to crack or fracture as compared to other types of crowns including the zirconia. The strength of E-max caps is 2.5 to 3 times higher than other glass ceramic systems.

There is no metal alloy base with E-max crown which means you will not have unsightly looking grey line around your gum line. This metal-free system can be an ideal option for prospective patients who are allergic to metal.

The e.max lithium disilicate glass ceramic restorations provide reliable, long-term results. These dental caps are long-lasting, durable and would not take on stains or cause any damage to your natural teeth.

It is a less invasive procedure that completes in a very short period of time with less expense and less labor. Another distinct advantage is that these abutments are bio-compatible which ensures that they will cause no allergic reactions, no sensitivity to temperature and no impact on taste.

It can be fitted without the need for any tooth preparation or only a small amount of tooth preparation. You can get your crowns adhesively bonded or cemented in the traditional way. It integrates so well and beautifully with its surroundings you will forget they are there. The treatment has very little or no side effects.


One of the disadvantages of E-max abutments is to do with their cost. It is a premium crown which needs high-tech lab equipment and highly specialized lab training for fabrication. The material lithium disilicate ceramic used for the fabrication of E-max crowns is considered a very high grade material, hence making the crowns more expensive than other types of abutments. Another disadvantage is that E-max crowns cannot be used to make a porcelain bridge, and allows for fusion of 2 teeth. Also E-max crowns are not for everyone.