Family Dentists

Family dentists treat dental problems of all members in the family, regardless of their age. Different techniques are employed depending on the nature of the problem and the age of the individual.

A family dentist plays a significant role in detecting orthodontic requirements in children. It is estimated that about 45% to 75% of American population could benefit from orthodontic treatment. Some parents recognize the need and initiate the appropriate treatment very early in their children. Family dentists generally recommend an orthodontic check-up for the children before the age of 7 and, if deemed necessary, begin the course of treatment when the children are aged between 9 and 14, or refer them to a specialized orthodontist.

Many family dentists also provide cosmetic dental services such as cleaning and removing stains from the teeth, altering the shape or length of the teeth, bridging gaps and polishing and restoring the worn teeth. They routinely fill up troubling dental cavities.

It is necessary for all the members of the family to visit the dentist at least once every six months. However, such an exercise is bound to be expensive. Considering this, some large and small scale employers provide a dental plan as part of their employee’s benefit scheme. This could be a dental insurance plan where the expenses incurred due to a dental treatment are taken care of by a funding agency, which may or may not be the organization with which the employee is associated.

Some dentists also provide attractive discounts on the various dental services offered. This serves not only to recruit a large number of patients to the dental clinic, but also ensures that they come with their ‘family problems’.