Do All On Four Dental Implants Give Better Result Than Traditional Implants?

All On Four Dental Implants – An Advance Teeth Replacement Solution

All on four dental implants are revolutionary missing teeth replacement procedure which is being used to treat advanced implants cases. This procedure was originally developed to help people who were unable to get desirable results from traditional dental implants and dentures. The concept behind this procedure is to incorporate four specially designed teeth implants in each row so that a new set of replacement teeth can be firmly attached to them. This latest cosmetic dentistry method has enabled people to get a beautiful new smile in a day.

The all on four dental implants otherwise known as Smile in a Day procedure allows the extraction of decaying teeth and placement of four tooth implants in the same appointment. It offers simple, effective and reliable solution to patients who are missing one or more teeth or facing the problems of fractured, decayed or loose teeth. With the use of innovative dental care methods and progressive technology, these advance tooth implants can easily get placed in the mouth. And there would be no bone grafting, less incision and healing time for the placement of these tooth implants. In fact, all on four implants are found to be successful in more than 95% patients.

Advantages of All On Four Dental Implants Over Traditional Implants

The traditional dental implants method usually starts with the extraction of decaying teeth followed by a 4 month recovery time. Patients have to wear artificial teeth during this 4 months time and for another one and half year within which their cases become fully prepared to receive the implants. The grafting of maxillary sinuses becomes necessary after the complete recovery of extraction sites. That’s why sinus lift surgery is done simultaneously. However, traditional tooth implants can only be placed after 6-9 months period of the sinus lift surgery. It will take an average of 8-12 months after tooth extractions to place the teeth implants.

Nearly about 8-10 conventional implants are required to be placed in both the upper and lower arch to sustain a fixed bridge. The healing abutments are inserted after 6 months of placing traditional dental implants which facilitate the growth of soft tissue around the implants. Then the tooth implants that were lying below the gum line start to come out of the soft tissue just like a real tooth. Two more months pass and then molds are taken to prepare perfectly fitting fixed bridges for your mouth.

It takes another 3 weeks time to place the newly fabricated fixed bridges and if everything turns out to be as expected then it marks the completion of the placement procedure. Almost all cases treated with the help of traditional implants needed about 16-20 implants, 4 surgeries and one and half year healing time. Since traditional implants involve more pain, time and expenditure, they cause great ordeal for the patients. Again, the results are not as excellent as in case of all on four dental implants method.

Complications are 6 times more in traditional implants approach as implants placed into sinuses fail to deliver in 12% cases. However, the all on four implants placed in premaxilla are more secured, comfortable and cost-effective than conventional implants. In this way, all on four has become the preferred choice of treatment for all those who have lost one or more or all of their teeth due to some disease or trauma.

To get the optimum results, all on four dental implants should be performed by an expert implantologist having years of experience and supported by a highly skilled team along with a professional laboratory meant to handle advance implants cases.