Dental Implants Are the Best Solutions to Replacing Missing Teeth

Smiles are supposed to last a lifetime. The smile displays excitement and enhances beauty. It is hard to smile comfortably with missing teeth. It is embarrassing, and it detracts from one’s beauty. People seek various solutions for missing teeth. The motivation behind finding the solution is a complete restoration of lost beauty due to missing teeth. Apparently, missing teeth do not only damage beauty. They also increase the chances of infection in the gaps. Dental implants are the best solutions to replacing missing teeth. The dentists ensure the implanted crowns appear similar to the natural teeth of their patients. Nobody will notice that the patients underwent the dental implant procedure. Listed below are some of the reasons why people with missing teeth need implants.

Improve appearance

Availability of the teeth stimulates the growth of the jawbone. When most of the teeth are missing, the jawbone will no longer grow. It will slowly begin to waste away. Lack of jawbone growth will have an immediate effect on the facial structure. The lips will fold in, the cheeks will be sunken, and wrinkles will start developing around the mouth. All these changes make a person to look older. The dental implants prevent the jawbone from further deterioration. The implants will restore the facial structure.


Have you lost your self-esteem due to missing teeth? The dental implants will assist in restoring your confidence. Unlike the temporary bridges, you will not have to worry about losing the teeth. The implants are similar to natural teeth. Most people think that the installed implant causes pain during mouth movements. That is never the case because implants are not painful. They perform just like natural teeth. That is why implants are a better alternative for people with missing teeth. The implants give you another chance to feel good about yourself.

Healthy natural teeth

The only alternative to dental implants is the tooth-supported bridges. The dentists cement the bridge on the space for the missing tooth. The bridges never cover the entire space left by the missing natural teeth. During movement, they slowly damage the gums. Eventually, bridges risk the health of the remaining natural teeth. The dental implants remain stationary during movement. Hence, they never injure gums or compromise oral health.

Care for teeth

Cleaning the teeth after implant installation is quite easy. The implants do not need special care. Regular brushing and flossing of the teeth are enough. The implanted crowns cannot be affected by cavities. Hence, they cannot spread infections to natural teeth. However, the replaced crowns can only last for 10 to 15 years. After this period, dental patients will need to get other replacements. It is advisable to visit the general and family dentistry clinic for checkups at least twice every year.