Dental Conditions Where Root Canal Therapy Becomes Necessary

Do you visit your dentist regularly? Do you take care of your teeth properly? If no, then chances for your teeth to decay or catch infection are quite normal. Usually, dentists recommend two solutions in such bad tooth condition. They either suggest removing the infected tooth, or ask to undergo Root Canal Therapy. While you opt for the first option, you often have to go through a painful procedure owing to inexperience of your dentist. Moreover, it can lead to several other expensive dental problems for the adjacent teeth. To the contrary, choosing Root Canal Therapy is comparably better option, as it will bring your teeth back to working condition at comparably much lesser cost.

When should you opt for Root Canal Therapy?

Let us know about the situations that make it necessary to opt for this teeth saving treatment.

Decay Starts Troubling the Tooth Pulp

The pulp or the soft center of your tooth comprises sensitive blood vessels and nerves, which can suffer gradual decay with formation of cavities. In fact, the more your tooth has cavities the higher are its chances to affect the pulp. At the worst, improper management of pulp disease could even compel you to lose your teeth. Maintaining appropriate dental hygiene such as regular tooth flossing and brushing could be effective in this regard. However, if the condition has gone incorrigible, and you are desperate to save your tooth, Root Canal Therapy is perhaps the last resort.

Abscessed Tooth

This painful infection persists between the tooth and the gum, or mostly at the root of the tooth. It originates from the inner chamber or the ‘pulp chamber’ of the tooth. As an indication of the abscess, the tooth loses the ability to get rid of the infection and allows the bacteria to occupy the pulp chamber. As they continue to grow, the infection spreads from the chamber and exits through the tooth’s apex. The sore or the abscess is in fact collection of pus, which has contributions from tissue debris, dead white blood cells, and bacteria. Various causes of the infected tooth include dental cavity, trauma due to grinding or clenching the tooth, accidental blow, or a failed dental treatment like crown.

Tooth Injury

Whether you are a toddler or a grown up person, tooth traumas can always affect you, leaving you in sheer pain. Your tooth or teeth may get a severe blow from an auto accident, while playing sports, or due to a simple fall. Some common after effects of any such incident include dizziness, disorientation, nose or ear bleeding, concussion, headache, memory lapse and more. At times, the removal of a tooth through crown may also become the reason for injury to adjacent tooth. Some more severe injuries could lead to inflammation of pulp chamber. In all such instances, if the tooth catches infection and start affecting the blood vessels and nerves inside the pulp chamber, Root Canal Therapy yet again comes into effect.