Benefits of a Clean and Healthy Mouth

“Oral hygiene” is the most important criterion that keeps a person healthy. Maintaining a clean and healthy mouth deters the body from many diseases. Typically, dental hygiene prevents tooth decay, gum disease and bad breathe.

Why is it necessary to keep a healthy mouth?

It has been found by researches that there is a bond between gum disease and health complications such as cardiac problems and stroke. Women with periodontal (gum disease) showed higher cases of pre-term and low weight babies.

According to other research studies, it has been proven that over 90% of systemic diseases arise from the poor oral hygiene including dry mouth, swollen gums, gum problems, mouth ulcers. The systematic diseases due to the poor oral hygiene are Oral cancer, diabetes, cardiac ailments, Leukemia, renal and pancreatic cancer. Poor oral hygiene might lead to oral and facial pain, digestive issues.

So, maintaining a healthy mouth will enable everyone to escape from such unnecessary and dreadful conditions.

Top benefits of maintaining a clean and healthy mouth

A clean and healthy mouth may have no to very meager gum disease and infection. Gum diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis may lead to gum swelling which is a troublesome condition.

Keeping a clean mouth and teeth make you reduced dental visits for a dental cleaning. While having a regular visit to the dentist, there will be no to little deposit of tartar or plaque which could be easily cleaned.

A clean and healthy mouth does not allow you go for dental implants and dentures. Placing dental implants is really a painful procedure that could be avoided by maintaining oral hygiene. No teeth decay or extraction is needed when good oral health is maintained.

If you can able to chew food without any problem, then this is the indicator of having good oral health. In case of digestive issues, chewing plays a key role.

There is no need to adopt cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening when you really have a healthy mouth. To make your teeth bright, you may either choose whitening trays or whitening toothpaste. If you would like to go for a whitening treatment with the dentist, then laser whitening is an advanced and painless method to give beautiful pearl-like teeth.

Regular dental cleaning will lessen your dental expense

Having a stain-free teeth array definitely improves your self-esteem

Chronic inflammation from periodontitis develops problems such as blood vessel block, heart ailment. Staying with good oral health will avoid such risks

According to the “Journal of Psychiatry, Neurology and Neurosurgery“, it is reported that adults with gingivitis issues have lack of memory and cognitive skills when compared to a person who has healthier gums.

Some key tips for a healthy mouth

  • Learn brushing technique and brush at least morning and night after meals
  • Clean in between the teeth at least once a day with a brush or floss
  • Avoid smoking which helps to reduce the chances of teeth stain, tooth loss, gum disease and mouth cancer
  • Use a fluoride toothpaste that would strengthen the teeth enamel and saves teeth from decay
  • It is must change the toothbrush at least every 2-3 months once to have a proper cleaning
  • Visit your dentist at least once a month and discuss with him about the oral hygiene
  • Try to chew sugar-free gum after your meals in order to clean the tooth and mouth between the meals
  • A fortified food will save your mouth from gum disease.

Dentists always recommend that all should brush and floss at least two times a day and they necessitate for a regular cleaning and checkup twice a year. Maintaining oral hygiene not only preserves the teeth and mouth, but also the entire body organs and systems.