Advantages of Composite Tooth Filling

Dental health should be your number one priority because your teeth are responsible for digestion and enhancing your beauty. Most people think their dental challenges are hopeless, especially those with broken, stained and cracked teeth. There is an effectual way in which the dentists can preserve your teeth and retain their looks and abilities. Listed below are the advantages of composite tooth filling.


It will be awkward to have tooth filings that do not match the color of your natural teeth. People will easily notice the disparity. However, the composite fillings have the capacity to blend evenly with your natural teeth. This will make it impossible for anyone to discover that you underwent a filling procedure. Thus, this procedure can be done on the incisors.

Improved texture

The composite material has a great and improved texture, and this makes it easier for a dentist to work on it. After filling, the cosmetic dentist might be forced to shape the tooth to bring out the perfect dental formula. The cosmetic dentists always prefer shaping the composite material since it is easy. That makes the dental procedure to be highly accurate and relaxing for the dentist.

Better adhesion

Before the filling procedure begins, the dentists are supposed to clear the area for filling. The dentist will remove the decayed matter in the tooth or the broken pieces. The advantage of using composite is that it adheres to the tissues in the tooth. This will help in saving tooth material whenever the dentist is preparing it for filling process.

Restored strength

Cracking or breaking of the tooth and decays weaken it. However, the composite (tooth colored) fillingis able to restore the strength of the tooth. In fact, the experts say the tooth is likely to be almost stronger like the natural tooth. Thus, you can use your teeth without fear of breaking or cracking. However, seek the guidance of the dentist first.


The usage of composite material has proven to be safer for most people in need of filling. Another alternative for tooth filling is the amalgam material. However, most people who used the amalgam for filling had allergic reactions. So far, no one has complained of any allergic reactions caused by composite. This makes it a better alternative for filling broken and decayed teeth.


Tooth filling is a very expensive procedure but that depends on the material used by the dentist too. For instance, porcelain, which is a colored tooth filling material, is very costly. This includes amalgam since it is very durable as compared to composite. Composite is very affordable