5 Easy Pain Relief Ideas After Wisdom Teeth Removal

When it comes to pain relief after your wisdom tooth surgery, it is important to choose the easiest, fastest and preferably the most natural remedies to help you get rid of your teeth pain afterwards.

Because the truth is, your pain may differ from mild to extremely high in case of developing a dry socket. So it is helpful to do some research beforehand and get some ideas on how to relieve your pain just in case.

Top 5 Common Questions about Wisdom Tooth Pain

Here are some of the top most frequently asked questions people have when it comes to dealing with the pain after your tooth extraction surgery:

– What to do if I have toothache after wisdom teeth extraction?

– Is it normal to have headaches after removing my wisdom tooth?

– What are some helpful mouth exercises after teeth removal to help relieve the pain faster?

– How long after getting my 2 wisdom teeth out, will I be in the clear from dry sockets?

– Is it normal to be sick for a week after my wisdom teeth is pulled?

Any of these questions sounds familiar to you?

The good news is, no matter you are looking for a pain relief remedy for toothache, headache, jaw muscle pain, or even a dry socket, you can simply use the easy natural remedies below to heal faster.

5 Easy Pain Relief Ideas after Wisdom Tooth Removal

1. Put salt on your extracted tooth area and gently massage it to help it get absorbed. Not only salt helps keep the area clean and kill the bacteria, it also acts as a natural safe pain killer.

2. Rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouth wash consistently every night before sleep.

3. Hold an ice compress on your cheek where your surgery area is inside your mouth

4. Chew some garlic. It is an old natural remedy to not only keep your mouth free from bacteria or infections, but also helps calm down the pain.

5. The good old Aspirin. If your pain is just too much and the above solutions don’t help that much, the good old pain killer medicine will save the day.

So based on the above tips and ideas, now you know how to take care of your tooth and jaw after removing your wisdom teeth. Although the recovery time differs from person to person, you can help relieve the pain and get healed much faster using these easy natural remedies.