3 Side Effects of UV Teeth Whitening – Shocking Facts Revealed

What is UV Teeth Whitening

This method uses lasers or ultra violet light to accelerate the bleaching process. Chemicals or bleaching gels are used on the teeth, the laser or uv light accelerates the process, activating the bleaching chemicals, for an instant whitening effect in the gel.

The Side Effects.

1.Sensitive Teeth.

This is probably the most common side effect for whitening teeth is tooth sensitivity. Sensitivity has been reported with both professional and diy bleaching methods.

2.Sensitive Gums

The gums become more sensitive, this is more common side effect with treatments carried out with a professional. The dentist will use the ultra violet lights and stronger bleaching agents to accelerate the process.

3. The Burning Feeling.

The dual bleaching process of the laser light and the bleaching agent can often cause discomfort. This combination the dentist uses is probably more uncomfortable than painful.

At home treatment can some times cause side effects although the bleaching treatments are not as potent or harsh on the gums.

Knowing what to expect can often take away the fear of the dentist visit. The side effects of the whitening treatment in 99% of cases are short term and will disappear after a few weeks.

Making a great first impression, having a beautiful pearly white smile boosts your confidence. People notice yellow teeth, this can appear as if you do not care about your appearance or personal hygiene. This could not be further from the truth. Teeth stain as we get older, some stains are very difficult to remove.