New Zealand Couple Debuts His and Hers Smile Makeovers Worth $23,000

A couple from New Zealand has debuted the results of thousands of dollars worth of dental treatment.

Maura and Renton Tailby from Mount Maunganui have struggled with dental issues for several years and decided to splash the cash to achieve beautiful smiles. Both Maura and Renton claim that they were deeply embarrassed and ashamed of their teeth before the makeover and have dreamed of perfect pearly whites for many years now.

Maura, 56, said that she always hid away from cameras, felt ashamed when she smiled in public and displayed crumbling, yellow teeth. After the makeover, she now feels much more confident and said that her husband finds her much more attractive. Maura and Renton paid more than $20,000 for a ‘his and hers’ makeover package in Queensland, Australia, which was provided by dental tourism agency CosMediTour. Maura received $15,000 worth of treatment, which included porcelain veneers, white fillings, dental bridges, and tooth whitening, and is now delighted with what she sees when she looks in the mirror.

Renton, 63, said that the experience had had a hugely positive effect on his wife and he is also thrilled with the results of his treatment, which have transformed his “golden rat teeth” into a radiant and healthy-looking smile. He underwent teeth whitening and also had veneers, bridges, and white fillings added to his smile and said that it was brilliant to go through treatment together and offer each other support.
The couple is now planning to enjoy some time off traveling in Europe where they will feel much more confident posing for holiday snaps.