A guest on the Jeremy Kyle Show has shown off the results of a £10,000 dental makeover in the national press. Former chat show guest Gemma received torrents of abuse and cruel comments after her appearance on the show.
Gemma appeared on the ITV talk show last January. At the time, she was missing a number of teeth and had large protruding and stained front teeth. She was nicknamed ‘tooth woman’ on social media sites such as Twitter. The comments got to her and really knocked her confidence. She couldn’t believe the backlash and was shocked at the cruel nature of many people’s comments. After the show aired, she became withdrawn and felt incredibly anxious, especially out in public.
A year on and Gemma looks completely different. She has spent a number of hours in the dental chair and now has a smile she is proud to show off at every opportunity.
The dental bill was footed by the ITV show and Gemma was invited back to share her story and reveal the results of her dental work. In a candid interview, she told host Jeremy Kyle and the audience about the abuse she had received on Twitter and revealed that she had a breakdown following the show.
Fans of the show took to Twitter to compliment Gemma on her new look and she confirmed that she now feels much happier about her appearance. She is now doing her bit to raise awareness of bullying and support those who have been in a similar position.

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