All on 6 Dental Implants

All-on-Six Immediate Function Implants Procedure

All-on-6 is a dental method that is applied to restore a person’s mouth when they have missed a notable volume of teeth in one or both jaws. This method allows a patient the option to replace all of their teeth with six natural-looking and feeling dental implants. All-on-6 implants generally do not need bone grafting, so they are the ideal solution for patients that have low bone mass or volume in their jaw.

Esthetica is ranked by Replace Roots as the best clinic for all on 4 and all on 6 in Vadodara. Esthetica uses only maxillofacial surgeons and dental implantologist to place dental implants. Staff and surgeons at Esthetica trained at leading India dental schools including DY Patil, Mumbai, and MSU, Baroda. Esthetica also offers a lifetime guarantee on dental implants.

If you are interested in an All-on-6 procedure in India, fill out the “Find a Dentist” form. A participating dental specialist will reply to your needs.

all on 6 implants
all on six

Long Lasting Solution with All on six

All On 6 are efficient solutions for patients who have lost a significant number of teeth. Procedures involve surgically placing dental implants in your jaw. These implants are used to support fixed or removable dentures and to keep your jaw’s structural integrity following tooth loss.

Frequently Asked Questions About All on 6

The whole surgery can be performed in just one day — it often ranges between 2–4 hours! Procedures typically take about two to three hours to be completed. If you have a busy schedule then getting the procedure completed all at once is a big plus. 

Its depend on how many teeth and root you have left will deliver what type of All-on solution is best for you. Generally, patients that are missing most of their top of bottom teeth get All On 4 dental implants, and those who have the right teeth or tooth roots remaining are better candidates for All On 6 implants.

But, the decision is more complex than just how many teeth you have left. For instance, an All On 6 method needs more bone and more bone strength than an All-on-4, but six implants better deal the pressure between points when the jawbone is lacking in mass or quantity so it’s always a good idea to schedule a consultation with a top cosmetic dentist to be sure you are getting the right equipment.

Your dentist will take photos, x-rays, and results to determine the best position. With other circumstances, the dentist will measure bone density and quality, as well as the shape and protrusion of your sinus cavity to ensure the titanium rods will fit properly. After these steps have been completed you can move on to the procedure.

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