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Give your kids the best start possible with the right dental care and careful home care habits that will help them keep their teeth for life. In Family Dentistry, Having our kids on the right and small can be a struggle for even the strongest of parents – what with …

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A Group Researchers from Queen’s University Belfast have discovered that poor oral health is linked to a 75% increase in liver cancer risk. Their study analyzed the group of 500,000 people in the United Kingdom and examined oral conditions and many gastrointestinal cancers, including liver, colon, anus, and pancreatic cancer. Researchers used models for …

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Do people often ask for the best option in implant vs denture? let’s find out what is more helpful. If you experience tooth loss or continuing dental issues, the result can be uniformly as psychological as it is bodily. Dental implants are growing one of the most secure solutions for …

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Most people are already aware that they should brush and floss every day to keep excellent dental health. Still, a few dental tips are considerably less well-known. Here are the top 12 things that make your oral health more healthy. 1) Impacted Teeth may arise big issues later An impacted …

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