Family Dentistry

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Give your kids the best start possible with the right dental care and careful home care habits that will help them keep their teeth for life.

In Family Dentistry, Having our kids on the right and small can be a struggle for even the strongest of parents – what with helping them to brush twice a day for two minutes, directing them away from anti-tooth food and drinks and cutting down on the number of sweets they eat.

Teeth suffer from two main conditions, caries and gum infection. Both are preventable with the right actions. We have been seeing after the teeth of many hundreds of families across Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and the surrounding cities since 2007.

Family Dentistry

Dental care for Kids

For children, a trip to the Baroda dental Clinic Practice is an enjoyable and pleasant experience.

We are dedicated to giving exceptional dental care for families and offer free NHS treatment to children aged under 18. Orthodontic treatment for suitable children is also given free on the NHS. For those who do not meet the NHS criteria, we offer treatment privately, including dental care and lingual braces (that fit onto the back of the teeth).

The Dental  Examination

Give your kids the best start possible with the right dental care and careful home care habits that will help them keep their teeth for life.

The initial portion of a common Family Dentistry visit is a full mouth X-ray which allows Dr. Mitul, Dr. Dhaval, and Dr. Kinjal to check the health of your teeth and underlying jaw formation. During your review, our Dentist or a Baroda Dental Clinic’s hygienist will use a small pick and mirror to check each tooth for decays, plaque, and damage. 

You will also feel a gum test where your gums will be gently investigated to identify any symptoms of gum disease. The final step in your overall dentistry visit is a head and neck inspection, which allows doctors to examine for any potential issues with glands or joints, such as TMJ disease. After your thorough examination, the Dentist will sit down with you to discuss the results of the exam and plan any necessary repairs or treatments.

dental x rays

zirconia bridge

Bridges and crowns are fixed prosthetic devices that are cemented onto existing teeth or implants by a dentist or prosthodontist.

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