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If you have ever cracked or broken a tooth as a result of a collision or damage, it is extremely important that you see a doctor as soon as possible. The same goes for one or more knocked out teeth. The earlier you are seen by a dental expert the greater the chances that the teeth could be re-implanted, depending on the hardness of your injury.

Steps involved in  Emergency Dental Care
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Step 1 : Examination

Once you've been placed in an examination room. An absolute examination of the damaged area will be initiated. This may include dental x-rays to conclude the area of the damage. A nurse, physician, or physician's assistant will be assigned to care for you. Additional diagnostic lab work or testing also may be performed during this time.

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Step 2 : Disposition

Once your testing is complete, a decision will be made to either admit you to the hospital or discharge you. Every patient who comes to the Emergency Department at Baroda Dental receives treatment from an attending surgeon or mid-level practitioner. Depending on your condition, a registered nurse may start an intravenous line.

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Step 3 : Treatment

Test results help emergency medicine Dentist assess your condition. The results could be available within one to two hours, while you are in the ED. However, some test results may require a longer wait. During your treatment, the staff in the ED will help make sure you are comfortable and informed. The injured area will be sterilized to reduce the risk of infection. The damaged teeth will be restored temporarily or permanently, depending on the case.

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Step 4 : Treatment Option Suggestion

In severe cases, the affected tooth may require extraction and implant treatment will be discussed.

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Step 5 : Discharged

When you're discharged, instructions for your care and follow-up with a Dentist will be provided.

Twice a year it is required to have a check-up and visit our hygienist to secure the long-term success of your treatment. 

Baroda Dental Clinic is committed to making your wait in the Emergency Department as brief as possible. Please do not hesitate to ask questions of your nurse, Dentist, or Surgeon’s assistant. We’ll make every effort to keep you informed about your treatment plan.


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