Who we are?

Baroda Dental Clinic specializes in providing dental treatments in Aklapuri, Vadodara(India). We help patients break free from the inconvenience and discomfort of unhealthy teeth. Our head office was founded by Dr. Dhaval Trivedi and Dr. Mitul Patel. BDC has since expanded across the country, to provide dental implant options for patients as far Gujarat and also India.

We take proud in introducing ourselves as one of the leading, professionally managed, complete dental care Clinic of its kind in India. Providing a range of dental services in all specialties.

BDC today has evolved as a complete dental care center, providing a host of services in various fields of dentistry, to the residents of India.

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Know More About Baroda Dental Clinic

Convenience matters
For the highest level of assistance, the highly qualified and professional stuff that meets all the requirements of the exclusive clinic was selected. The BDC‘s personnel speak several foreign languages which helps a patient and a doctor communicate with each other free and easily.

The convenient location of the Baroda Dental Clinic and the availability of free secured parking make the visiting of the Clinic as simple and convenient in a big city as it is only possible.


We pledge to you for every dental need to fulfill with the best possible way.

  • Always treat you with honor
  • Regularly be on time
  • Always welcome to your healthcare needs and do our best to meet them for you
  • Provide you a fully comprehensive treatment plan and costs before work begins
  • Give you with the best level of care possible, by copying all health and protection guidelines to ensure your wellbeing
  • Guarantee the highest level of confidentiality linking to your treatment with us
  • Lead you and help you to reach your healthcare goals
  • We promise the standard of service we are providing to you

Impressive Dental Clinic Treatments and diagnostics

Treating every patient as unique
The elegant interior, the light and pleasant Indian music, delicious coffee, comfortable waiting rooms, and satellite TV immerse the patients into the atmosphere of comfort, quietness, and calmness.

The Baroda Dental Clinic has Many dental rooms of enhanced comfort the staying in which even for a long time is not burdensome and onerously for neither the patient nor for the dentist. This peculiarity positively impacts the effectiveness of treatment. For the sake of convenience, each dental room has a radioheliograph which makes the conduction of X-ray diagnostics and monitoring of treatment available without the left of the cabinet.

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Hi-tech Equipment for your better recovery

Never Compromise your health

In front of the patient seat, there are special displays that enable him/her to take part in the process of treatment and to evaluate the final results by comparing them with the initial pictures taken by the special video camera that produces a survey directly in the mouth cavity and gives the image enlarged by several times. Even the most labor-intensive restorative works are performed as soon as possible due to the fact that the BDC have their own dental laboratory equipped at the state of the art level.

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Practical, Careful and Attentive Doctors

Every movement of your dental health belongs to us

The exclusive works as may be required from time to time can also be performed in the most prestigious dental laboratories of India. 
The BDC doctors are very careful and attentive to the health of their patients. The return of the feeling of well-being and good cheer to the patients is the main concern of the Clinic’s team. Therefore decisions are made collectively with the involvement of doctors of all specializations. We are working hard to make the treatment of our patients absolutely painless and comfortable. The Clinic has a great atmosphere of kindness, compassion, and trust, which are the main features of the French people character.

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Life long your Positive Friends for Dental Health

Helping patients is our prime motivation

Going to the dentist has never been one of life’s greatest joys. Whether it’s having cavities filled, braces applied or more serious dental procedures such as root canals are not the kind of motivation that has most people skipping happily to the dentist’s office. Of course, going without the important checkups and procedures with the dentist will mean a lot more pain and suffering in the long term, but most children and even adults focus on the “pain now” aspects of going to the dentist.

The truth is that we need the dentist to help us take care of our teeth and to spot potential problems long before they become real problems. As adults, we need to recognize that for the health and benefit to ourselves and especially our children that going to the dentist on a regular basis helps prevent potentially bigger problems from occurring. Now, this doesn’t mean that going to the dentist will be like a trip to Disneyland, but by changing our outlook we can help establish a good relationship with our dentist that will be beneficial over our lifetimes.

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